Meet Our Team

Josh and Holly Valdivia are newlyweds who share passions for serving, traveling, and Jesus Christ. They met in college and soon fell in love. With Josh's background of accounting and Holly's of social work, the two couldn't be more opposite! But you know what they say... opposites attract! Holly has had the opportunity to travel to a dozen different countries and while Josh is a bit further behind, they plan on one day visiting each artisan in every country they are currently working with. In their free time, they can usually be found outdoors either hiking or playing sports unless of course it is one of those lazy Netflix nights. Holly is almost done with her Master's in Counseling program and loves adventures and taking photos. Josh loves just about anything competitive, everything from bowling to disc golf. They feel blessed for the opportunity given to them to launch this business together and are excited to watch it grow. Nothing brings them more joy than being able to share the love of Jesus with others by providing hope to the hopeless and stability to the unstable. Join them in their mission to make a difference around the world.