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How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Upon initial subscription, your card will be charged immediately. If you sign up before the cut-off date for that month, you will receive that month's box and then will be re-billed on the 20th of that same month and every month going forward. If you sign up after the cut-off date for that month, you will still be charged immediately but will not receive a box that month nor be re-billed on the 20th of that month. You will, however, be all set to receive your first Awaken Box the following month and can expect to be re-billed the 20th of the next month as well.

Where did you come up with this brilliant idea?

When our founder, Holly, traveled to Nepal as an 18 year old on a missions trip, she didn't quite know what to expect. She certainly did not expect to meet a local girl, also 18, who was selling her body at night as her main source of income to provide food and basic necessities for herself and her younger brother. Holly's heart broke and knew that something had to be done. This is where the idea for Awaken Box was born. Our mission is to awaken hearts and minds to the needs of our neighbors across the globe and to support artisans in third world countries who are trying to sustain a business for themselves to simply survive. We exist to spread awareness and the good news of the love of Jesus; and to comfort, protect, and care for the 'least of these'.

What's in the BOOOXXXX?!

We're so glad you asked! The first things you will notice in your box are some handcrafted global goods. We like to mix it up a little bit to keep the "surprise factor." As a result, you may find a different number of treasures ranging from scarves to jewelry to coin purses to so much more! Since our products are individually handmade, there is not a single item that is identical to another. Each product varies slightly in design and size from the others around it. Most importantly, attached to each crafted item will be a card profiling your artisan which will allow you to form a connection. Next, you will find a recipe card with a traditional native meal from the country being featured that month. This will allow you to gather with family and friends to share an experience as you relocate your taste buds to a different culture! Additionally, you will discover a custom decal sticker personalized with that month's country logo. Last, but certainly not least, each Awaken Box will come with a unique gift from our sponsor!